A Video based Training as part of AICE 2021 virtual event

Seminar Director: Dr Mohan Guruswamy, Chief Knowledge Officer, World FZO


In recent times the world economy is characterized by slowing investment flows, decelerating global trade, slow jobs growth rate, demand concerns, lack of consumer confidence and above all, risk of protectionism. In order to survive and flourish, businesses have to constantly endeavor to equip themselves with requisite skills – skills that would not only enhance the operational efficiency and sustainability of business but also empower them to build resilience and overcome the steady flow of challenges both present and future.

 It follows that Leadership development in such adverse situation deserves to gain top priority especially at this point of time.

 In this context, World FZO will deliver an online Video based training Seminar – Leadership in Adversity - Seminar for developing executives from the Free Zone Ecosystem, as part of the World FZO’s Annual International Conference and Exhibition 2021

 Apart from an introduction by the World FZO Chairman, five modules of 30 to 40 minutes duration each are included in the program. Each module in turn includes 4 to 5 sections of 8-10 minutes, bite-sized portions. At the end of the module, each presenter has provided 8 to 10 multiple-choice questions related to the presentation topic.


Dr Mohammed Al Zarooni - Chairman, World FZO

Dr Samir Hamrouni - CEO, World FZO

Dr Mohan Guruswamy - Chief Knowledge Officer, World FZO

Professor Juan Opertti - Professor of Operations and Logistics, ORT University

Lars Karlsson - Managing Director, KGH Global Consulting

Richard Bolwijn - Director of Investment Research, UNCTAD

Husam Abdallah - Senior Advisor Organization Development, Dubai Airport Freezone


All videos will be made accessible from 21-30 June 2021 to be viewed at candidate's convenience.

PART 1 20 Minutes 

Welcome Speech  - Dr Mohammed AL Zarooni     

Opening Remarks - Dr Samir Hamrouni 

Introduction, Objectives and Deliverables  - Dr Mohan Guruswamy 

PART II – 30 Minutes - Dr Mohan Guruswamy

Leadership in Adversity – Formulating Value Creation Strategies in Building Resilience and Agility

PART III – 30 Minutes - Professor Juan Opertti

Road Map for Formulating Sustainable FZ Strategies in crisis

PART IV – 30 Minutes - Lars Karlsson

Leadership Development - Building Safe and Secure Free Zones

PART V - 30 Minutes - Richard Bolwijn

Developing Competitive Advantage - Creating Successful Free Zones

PART VI – 30 Minutes - Husam Abdallah                                                     

Izdihar Index – Metrics to Measure Monitor and Improve FZ’s in crisis






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Certificate Candidates

Those participants who opt for “Certification” of successful completion of the program from the World Free Zone Academy, are given a major assignment at the end of the course. All the assessments of MCQ’s and major assignment shall be done by the Knowledge department of World FZO.


Program opens 21 June 2021

Video Access till 25 June 2021 for non-certificate candidates

Video Access till 30 June 2021 for Certificate candidates

Certificate of completion issued 1 July 2021